Fostering an Inclusive Computing Culture


Can You Draw a Computer Scientist?

This would be an interesting experiment to continue with our elementary school classrooms! Ask them to draw computer scientists!

Email Etiquette Printables

Teaching students email etiquette in the beginning of the school year would be fantastic! Teaching it to them mid-year… still helpful!

New Year--New CS Goals!

Happy New Year! I know it's the middle of the school year, but something about New Year's celebrations does get me thinking about what I might resolve to improve or try for the first time with my computer science classes.

Why Teach CS in Elementary School?

I'm starting to compile a list of resources to answer the question, "Why teach computer science in elementary school?" (Which leads to the bigger question, "Why should we invest resources into elementary school computer science education?")

NCCSE Webinar

The National Center for Computer Science Education (NCCSE) is hosting a webinar with the Constellations Center and the Kapor Center, focused on inclusivity and equity in computer science! It's free and open to the public.

Hidden Figures

I know I'm a bit behind here, but I've finally read Hidden Figures. How inspiring to learn that about first "computers"--black women in the 1940s! I'm going to watch the movie this weekend.