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Learning Spark - I Would Walk Over LEGO's For You!

Many of us have been faced with some very unique and trying situations as we return to k12 school districts, whether it be F2F, a blended hybrid or a 100% virtual to start our 2020-2021 school year

CSTA Virtual Teaching Summit--this Saturday, Sept. 12th!

CSTA is hosting a Virtual Teaching Summit this Saturday, Sept. 12th from 11 am - 6 pm ET. It's $20 for non-members and $5 for CSTA+ members. Looks like it's a full day of helpful webinars and networking sessions geared towards online teaching and learning. The online summer conference was incredible--well organized, great speakers, etc.

Equity in Computer Science...What Does that Mean to You?

Equity in computer science has been defined in so many different ways. Most of the time the definition connects to personal experiences and a person's current reality. What does equity in computer science mean to you? Describe your current Computer science reality.

CS Equity and Access: Roll Call from Around the World!

Welcome to our Equity and Access in CS Community Group! This CS for All Teacher Community is a newly created interactive group that focuses on Equity and Access in computer science for all. It is meant to be driven by engagement, reflection and action.
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Do Black Lives Matter in Computer Science?

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In 2019, just 8 percent of the computer science workforce was black (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). This directly correlates to the lack of opportunity and participation in CS for African-American students in K-12 levels.

WEBINAR: Build Community & Promote CS Diversity: Start a CS Honors Society Chapter

A Computer Science Honors Society (CSHS) chapter at your high school is a great way to increase enrollment in computer science (CS) classes while developing a student’s personal growth. A CSHS student gives back to their community while supporting CS education and promoting diversity.