Algorithms and Programming - Modularity


WEBINAR - CS in K-5 Making

Computer science may be the single best avenue for embedding authentic problem solving in elementary school. As students develop core skills that form the foundation for their future growth, teachers are challenged to integrate contextually relevant, authentic problems for the students.

Webinar - Integrating CS in P-5 STEM

In elementary school, CS doesn’t have to be a stand-alone course. In fact, we believe it is best taught as an integrated skill, explicitly connected to core content areas. We discussed how P-5 teachers are using CS to enhance their existing core curricular units—particular aligning to STEM standards.

Webinar - Play Your Way into CS

As technology continues to blur the lines between playing and learning, we are discussing practical ways to leverage emerging technologies to subtly shift students from play to computer science while using peripherals to bring CS off the screen and literally into the classroom.