Learning Spark - I Would Walk Over LEGO's For You!

Many of us have been faced with some very unique and trying situations as we return to k12 school districts, whether it be F2F, a blended hybrid or a 100% virtual to start our 2020-2021 school year. These trying times can really effect our SEL well being as educators. So..... what we must do is master. a creative plan to stay sane, prioritize our own self-care, be supportive others, our families, and be there to lift each other to keep the positive teaching and learning vibes flowing. 

TASK - Please share your back-to-school go-to quote, saying or meme to inspire and lift each other up to fill the CS for All Teachers full of kindness and inspiration goodness! Trying tapping into Google Drawings, Adobe Spark or Canva to create your go-to quote and share with us.

And teacher friends...... I would walk over LEGO's for each and everyone one of you! 

Also, if you are looking for more SEL k12 student, teachers and parent resources to improve your SEL game plan, look no further as I have curated a list for you. It also includes a personalize SEL reflection plan template for teachers and parents to focus on self-care(example screenshot below), and a "Frayer A Feeling" template eduprotol(screenshot included below) to use and collaborate  with your students to build a stronger community of compassionate and empathy-filled learners. Enjoy friends - #TogetherWeAreBetter

Self-care plan


Frayer a Feeling