Unit 3: Web Design

This section prepares students to take the role of a developer by expanding their knowledge of programming and Web page design and applying it to the creation of Web pages, programs, and documentation for users and equipment. Students learn to create user-friendly manuals, Web sites, and program interfaces. Students apply fundamental notions of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and ergonomics. Code documentation and hardware and software limitations are also explored. The notions of hierarchy and abstraction are central to computing. They are crucial to the translation between machine code and a user-friendly interface, to creating reusable code, and to the design of software that is broadly applicable rather than solving only a narrowly defined problem. This unit makes these abstract ideas concrete by focusing first on real-life (non-computing) examples, and then on the specific uses of hierarchy and abstraction in computer science.


One Pager - HTML Knowledge Organizer

Just as the title suggests. This is a one page reference for using HTML to create a web page. Helpful for you and your students to reference. 

Chromebook and Chapter 3 Answered

Has anyone had to use the Chrome OS to teach chapter 3? Looking for insight as to the best way to go about this. Thanks, Therese Valente

Unauthorized user attempting to get access to assessments Answered

I am attempting to access ECS assessments to units 1-4 via the download link.  I receive the pop up from pact.sri.com and enter my account information again. I keep getting unauthorized.  I attempted in three different browsers, chrome, IE and MS Edge.  

How the Internet works

In six short, introductory videos, you’ll get an inside look into foundational concepts of everything from wires to websites, taught by guest lecturers including the actual “Father of the Internet”

Web Programming Beginner Tutorials

I have created a series of brief videos to help students learn HTML and CSS techniques. These videos may be helpful for anyone looking to delve deeper into web site creation: