100% Free ScratchJr and Scratch Curriculum

Over the past couple of years I have been developing a 100% free to use curriculum that includes projects and resources designed specifically for elementary coders and educators with little or no c

AP CSP Explore task: images from the internet Answered

I have an issue with students using images from the web.  I want student work to see more tailored by tracing over existing images and then doing some drawing over the top.  I am coaching them to import images and then add to an infographic with research and statistical inform

Assessment for Unit 1 Answered

I have followed the link and can not access the assessments. This is what shows up in my browser: Not  Secure This is the message that shows:

Unauthorized user attempting to get access to assessments Answered

I am attempting to access ECS assessments to units 1-4 via the download link.  I receive the pop up from and enter my account information again. I keep getting unauthorized.  I attempted in three different browsers, chrome, IE and MS Edge.