Developing and Using Abstractions


Boolean and Logic Games

Here's a FANTASTIC website for Computer Science Games:
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A Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Coding

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Block-based coding is the most popular coding language in K-12 classrooms. However, our current block-based coding approach lacks the introduction of syntax along with a strategic progression toward text-based coding.
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Unplugged Activity Idea: Color Coding

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Are you looking for a quick, unplugged activity to check for understanding or misconceptions of programming concepts? Try using selective highlighting with snippets of code!
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Choose Your Own Computer Science Adventure!

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Spring is in full swing, but it wasn't long ago that winter seemed to have no end in sight. During those cold gray days, I was looking to mix up the programming assignments in my high school Introduction to Computer Science course.

Abstraction Analogies

     I recently "attended" the webinar "Cooperative strategies" with guest speakers...Jeff Gray, Ruth Farmary, Blake Cook and Rebekah Lang I learned so many strategies I was able to take straight into the classroom.