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Screentime Action Network Resource Library

The Screentime Action Network Resource Library has an incredible amount of resources that could be useful for teaching students (and their families) about using technology in a healthy way.
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Getting Students Talking about Code

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​One of the ideas that has really stuck with me as a theme from my summer professional development and subsequent reading of Hello World’s Big Book of Computing Pedagogy (check

Teaching Flowcharts?

Does anyone here teach flowcharts to elementary students? I recently had this thought that flowcharts could be a great way to introduce sequencing, selection, and iteration (the building blocks of an algorithm) to elementary students.

Facebook’s Failed DNS Update

This week Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram went down… and this provides us with a great real world connection to what they’re learning in AP CSP!   

CS in the News

Discussions about interactions with technology in their daily lives are always a hit with my students.