Communicating About Computing



The Computer Science Community Showcase on November 7th is a free full-day online event hosted by Make School, a computer science college in SF. The goal is to inform, inspire, and empower the next generation to pursue Computer Science as a tool to uplift communities and tackle global challenges.    At the event you'll get to...

Cyber Security Awareness Month (October!)

It's Cyber Security Awareness Month! Here's a website that has a TON of useful lessons, videos, etc. for students and teachers to explore the topic! 

Resource & Idea Sharing: Expanding Access to CS Ed

We recently began gathering your ideas for words that describe Equity in CS via this Menti. As the word cloud continues to grow, we will use the ideas you submit to help guide our community discussions.

Help us design our Equity and Access Group Image

Click on this link to help us create an image to represent this group. Think about what three words come to mind when you think of Equity and Access in Computer Science? See our LIVE image grow!

Free Google Technical Writing Courses

Google is offering a series of free technical writing courses designed for professional software engineers, computer science students, and engineering-adjacent roles. The courses assume at least a little writing proficiency in English and are easier to understand if students have some programming background. The courses are:

Hello Doc Challenge

What are your go-to first week ice-breakers for online and hybrid classes?  I recently shared this with a CSTA local chapter group and thought CS for All Teachers might be interested....