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Media Ecology in AP CSP

This year I've banned politics from my classroom. It was the first year I'd ever done so, but the rhetoric and divisiveness of US politics had taken over and I was having a tough time creating a cohesive classroom community.
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“Volun-told” to Teach CS? Help Is here!

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In talking with a number of computer science teachers, I have come to realize that my path to teaching CS was vastly different than many teaching it today.


The Computer Science Community Showcase on November 7th is a free full-day online event hosted by Make School, a computer science college in SF. The goal is to inform, inspire, and empower the next generation to pursue Computer Science as a tool to uplift communities and tackle global challenges.    At the event you'll get to...

Cyber Security Awareness Month (October!)

It's Cyber Security Awareness Month! Here's a website that has a TON of useful lessons, videos, etc. for students and teachers to explore the topic!