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They Loved Coding! Now What??

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In a previous blog post, I wrote about my path to becoming a teacher of computer science and provided some tips to educators finding themselves in a similar situation of being “volun-told” to tea

Twitter Chat: CS Clubs, Camps, and Other Extracurricular Programs

Want to know more about offering a computer science club, camp, or an extracurricular activity that is CS-related? So did we! That's why we joined the CSTA #CSK8 Twitter chat on Wednesday, May 19 at 8pm ET/5pm PT.
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5 Awesome Ways to Teach Coding to your Elementary Students

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Are you an elementary school teacher who doesn’t have any experience teaching computer science? Do you want to provide your students with the opportunity to show their creativity and empower them with the necessary skills to be future-ready?

Facilitating Group Projects Remotely

I have LOVED's detailed adaptations for distance learners (synch and asynch). They have made my job as an online CS teacher much easier this year than it had been for the last 3.