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End of the Year Projects

The school year is just about over and I like to offer my students an opportunity to demonstrate what they learned in the course.  The last week of school is usually open and a good time for students to show off their creativity.

Happy Easter!!

I wish you all a very Happy Easter!  If you are on spring break or are going on spring break next week, it's a good time to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.  Any plans you would like to share!  We would love to hear from you.  

Using E-Textiles in the classroom

Last year, the Exploring Computer Science team put together an e-textiles unit as an alternative to Unit 6 robotics, in which students complete projects using clothing, accessories, or home furnishings to embed electronics and computational elements. The unit was design focused, hands-on, and integrative—a perfect combination for engaging your students!

Python Programming

The new Python Programming course from CompuScholar, Inc.
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