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2021 Exam Results!

Whelp... the AP CSP exam results were posted today. (At least, for the first group of testers...). How did your students do? What will you do differently next year as a result? And/or what worked really well for you this year? 

NCWIT Engagement Practices

Planning for the next school year provides an important time to reflect and revise not only our curriculum, but also our practices, routines and our classroom spaces.
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Diversity Tools for Assessing CS in Your High School

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In previous blogs from my series on Assessing CS in Your High School, I wrote about how your classroom and school fit into the larger movement and dove into the first element of equity—

PAIRS: Effective Dialogue Skills

To continue our courageous conversations about equity, access and inclusion in CS and promote effective dialogue skills check out this resource PAIRS: Effective Dialogue Skills

MOSEF Summer Conference

The Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation is excited to announce its first annual summer conference! This conference is for educators interes

PRIDE month and CS

June is Pride Month, so here are some resources that might be helpful for you and your CS students to encourage inclusion of all students in CS especially students who identify as LGBTQ+.