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Media Ecology in AP CSP

This year I've banned politics from my classroom. It was the first year I'd ever done so, but the rhetoric and divisiveness of US politics had taken over and I was having a tough time creating a cohesive classroom community.
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Access Tools for Assessing CS in Your High School

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In a previous post, Assessing CS in Your High School, I wrote about how your classroom and school fit into the larger movement to provide CS education for all students nationwide.
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“Volun-told” to Teach CS? Help Is here!

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In talking with a number of computer science teachers, I have come to realize that my path to teaching CS was vastly different than many teaching it today.

Pi Day Silliness

Pi Day, March 14th, is quickly approaching! It is by far my favorite holiday to celebrate with students in school.

Read Across America Day!

It's "Read Across America Day!" This is the perfect chance to strengthen our cross-curricular connections between reading and coding. Here are a few of my favorite elementary-focused CSforAllTeachers books and literacy resources.