By end of Grade 8


Evaluating Websites

April Fools Day would be a fun day to teach students how to evaluate websites for credibility.

Twosday Binary Fun

This Twosday (2/22/22) could be a fun day to teach students about binary numbers (base 2)! One of my favorite elementary binary activities is binary bracelets from

Teaching Flowcharts?

Does anyone here teach flowcharts to elementary students? I recently had this thought that flowcharts could be a great way to introduce sequencing, selection, and iteration (the building blocks of an algorithm) to elementary students.

Why Teach CS in Elementary School?

I'm starting to compile a list of resources to answer the question, "Why teach computer science in elementary school?" (Which leads to the bigger question, "Why should we invest resources into elementary school computer science education?")
Blog Post

They Loved Coding! Now What??

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In a previous blog post, I wrote about my path to becoming a teacher of computer science and provided some tips to educators finding themselves in a similar situation of being “volun-told” to tea