Tips For Reducing Bias

Tips For Reducing Bias from CS Teaching Tips plus video with all the tips.

Check out these tips to create a classroom that is welcome to students of all identities.

  • Make your expectations explicit to avoid tacit assumptions within your class.
  • Grade anonymously to mitigate the effect of unconscious bias.
  • Establish clear policies to ensure students are held to the same standards.
  • Learn students’ names to enable you to engage all students equally.
  • Acknowledge & manage your bias to mitigate and monitor the impact of your biases.
  • Teach students about bias to educate your students and show you care.
  • Listen to students’ experiences to learn how you can create a supportive environment.

Use the tipsheet for examples and reasons for each of these tips. Share with colleague and use in the classroom and at professional developments.

Check out this video where Colleen Lewis walks through the research around these tips.