Scratch AR - Let's Get Moving!

One of my goals as a computer science teacher is to showcase the fun, playful, and creative side of computing.  Another goal is to expose my students to relevant, meaningful applications of computer science as a means for solving real-world problems.  I wanted to share an example of a recent experience that accomplished both of those goals.

School undoubtedly looks and feels A LOT different this year. Some of us are teaching behind masks in a face to face learning environment, others are balancing a hybrid model, while others are fully remote. Some students are experiencing "screen fatigue" by the increased time spent on devices. Others are tired of sitting in one room at their desks all day. When I teach my fifth-grade classes, we meet at the end of the day, my students are eager for some movement and a break from sitting in their seats. 

As a way to address goal one, as stated above, I post a "Scratch Game of the Week" on our course page and invite students to play with the examples I share.  I just love the video sensing capabilities in Scratch and have discovered so many amazing examples of augmented reality projects creatively using this feature. I recently featured a game that involves popping as many bubbles as you can using your hands, head, nose, etc. 

My students had a blast playing the game and LOVED the opportunity to get up and get moving. I also had many students express awe that they could actually create their own "Bubble Pop" brain breaks game.

I encourage you to look at the Scratch Sensing Cards if you would like to explore more project ideas!

Scratch Video Sensing Cards