PRIDE month and CS

June is Pride Month, so here are some resources that might be helpful for you and your CS students to encourage inclusion of all students in CS especially students who identify as LGBTQ+. If it's too late to plan anything for June, remember October is LGBTQ+ history month, so you have another opportunity in the fall!

CSTA PRIDE has two good teacher-facing posts here.

"Camp" of Mathematical Queeries is a free online math summer camp for LGBTQ+ students in 9-12 grade. I talked to the founder of it she said there could be plenty of CS overlap depending on the interests of students... So we could share this with our students.... There's also information on the website about a Radical Teaching Pedagogy PD this summer that looks incredible.

There is an upcoming (notIRL) Lesbians Who Tech Summit which could be a good experience for lesbians and nonbinary students and teachers to attend. (There's a cost, but there's a scholarship available for students and others in need, and the main speakers are viewable with the free registration option).

Here's a general teacher article about being LGBTQ+ allies. It has definitions of basic terms and helpful hints on how to support students better.