Online Teaching, Cooperative Learning,, and AP CSP Exam Review

I recently had an AMAZING online, cooperative learning style review session with my AP CSP students using Wonder is a free browser-based online meeting tool that lets students pop in and out of small group video chats like Zoom, but with a more student-friendly platform that lets them feel like they are mingling around a room. One of my students researched it as her "School of the Future" innovation for our final project, and I just had to check it out after her presentation. It doesn't allow for the same level of teacher control as Zoom, but the ability to have students freely mingle makes for a GREAT collaborative class space as long as you can trust your students to use it appropriately.

I used with the "Ask-Ask-Exchange" cooperative learning strategy from Kagan's book and it worked really well. I gave students a few minutes to find an AP CSP multiple choice question to use from all of my previously provided review resources. I then had them mingle and share their questions with each other. After asking and discussion their questions 1-1 with a peer, they would exchange questions and find a new peer to repeat the process with.

At the end, I had the students post all of their review questions in a shared Google doc to create another collaborative resource for them to study from. It worked so well. The class was engaged and learning from each other. I will definitely use this to review for unit tests next year.


Here's a related CS for all Teachers webinar on Cooperative Learning in AP CSP.