Magical Coding Recipes

Creative Scratch coding concepts related to real world learning experiences.

QUESTION: How can you creatively utilize or modify the "Magical Coding Recipes" guide to motivate and engage your students with a meaningful coding learning experiences? *Those of you that add ideas of taking it to the next level, I would be glad to help you get started, and guide you through the creation process of creating your very own Instructables step by step for your students. :-) 

This "Magical Coding Recipes" is a step by step guide I have personalized used with upper elementary and middle school teachers and students. It allows them to take ownership in their learning, and be actively engaged in new coding strategies and techniques with a personalized recipe of their choice.

This coding activity, also allows students to actively research and identify a favorite cooking recipe with a family member or a guardian. Students will then bring in their favorite recipe to school, and write a program using Scratch and with printable Scratch 3.0 coding blocks that are made from printable magnetic paper, metal cookie sheets, and laminated construction paper made out of Scratch 3.0 blocks. 

Please feel free to tap into the attached step by step PDF guide for your ease of use. Here is also the online Instructables guide if you want it as digital guide too.  Happy coding and cannot wait to see what types of "Magical Coding Recipes" your students and teachers create!

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