ITCH - A system for teaching Scratch and curriculum for computer science (Grades 3 through 8)

ITCH is an online system that brings all the features of Scratch into the classroom environment combined with video lessons.

Ucodemy's Itch brings all the features of Scratch into the classroom environment.  With a private social environment on our own servers we provide all the features of Scratch but without all the headaches of the open Internet.

We provide an integrated video tutorial based system that allow students to follow along with videos and directions all in the same window so they no longer need to continually navigate back and forth and or miss following directions entirely.

ITCH has a full curriculum aligned to K12 standards, that includes rubrics, quizzes, daily lesson plans and activities.  We will have you up and started with coding in the classroom in as little as one hour.

We’ve repeatedly had teachers use our program that have little or no coding experience, with diverse backgrounds such as English or Elementary.

Looking to bring in your own activities or lesson plans for coding to supplement the ITCH curriculum?  No problem! Many schools have extended itch with several units of their own; often we are able to share these back to the entire ITCH community.

With ITCH you can add whatever cross-curricular activity you can think of based off of core skills. We have sample courses that cover Math, Science, English and Arts.

Are your students stuck trying to work out something?  Just ask your question to our online forums and our experts will respond.  Don't spend your class time on just a few of the tricky problems, especially if you have limited experience with Scratch; your time is better spent fostering a collaborative peer-learning environment.

Does it take you forever to get your class signed into your learning system and then again into scratch before they can even get started on projects; that can take up to 10 minutes of class time; easily eating up 4 hours of learning time?  Well with our single sign on students are automatically signed into Itch with the single account credentials; don't lose out on valuable class instruction time.

Try it out for free as a student here: ITCH