Give One Receive One EduProtocol - The Gift of Gratitude Practices

With the start of the new year let's do a better job with sharing and collaborating on effective teaching and learning resources to enhance teacher instruction and student learning. This one of my New Year shares called "Give One Receive One Eduprotocol" and it provides a creative and collaborative way for a teacher to pose a question to support any content or subject area, or prompt or design challenge and then have students reflect on a design idea through a collaborative slide deck. Then the student is partnered up with another student to receive a new idea to add to his/her digital tool box, and share their learning through a FlipGrid video chat reflection.

I really enjoy using the teacher tool of Classroom Screen for making students groups, or breakout rooms and students can visually see which group they are in.  I also use this tool as a waiting room of visual thinking prompts and count down timer for students, and creative to do items or tasks to keep the students and teachers engaged :-) Best thing yet, the polling feature will be updated by next month and will be a great instant checkin for the kiddos and comprehensions feedback tool. 

Classroom Screen Image

EduProtocols are instructional lesson frames that are designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. They are adaptive as the curriculum changes and students move from one topic to another in their studies. Once they have learned a particular lesson frame, the teacher is able to repeat that lesson frame with a variety of content, Can be used with any subject, any grade level. EduProtocols beautifully align the science of research with the artistry and serendipity of everyday classroom teaching.

Give One Receive One

The collaboration