Find relevant and appropriate CS articles for AP CSP social implications assignments

Pick an article from the ACM TechNews newsletter for students to read, summarize, and write reflections to find relevant and appropriate CS articles for AP CSP social implications assignments.Tip originally posted on CS Teaching Tips.

  • The ACM TechNews newsletter is a great place to find and explore current topics in CS.
    • Use articles for homework to address the Computer Science Principles social implications component.
  • Activity:
    • Have students read the article and write a summary for homework.
      • The summary should be a paragraph or longer (minimum of 5 sentences).
      • If students want to include their opinions in the write up this will be the second paragraph.
    • Have a 10 minute discussion about the reading at the beginning of class.
  • Consider requiring students to post their summaries and opinions on a discussion board so they can read each others’ posts and comment on them.
    • You can make commenting on a certain number of other posts a requirement for the assignment.
    • Scaffold students in discussion board etiquette by developing a Social Contract all students must sign. Make sure to fully scope out etiquette expectations by including rules, examples, and consequences of violation. Things to include in the social contract include:
      • Style and Grammar:
      • Etiquette:
      • Content:
        • LIke content must be on topic, and comments and questions should be meaningful.
  • Consider having students follow a single topic over a period of time by searching for additional information on the topic throughout the course to see how current events in the industry unfold.
  • Additionally, you could post articles online and have students vote for which on they want to use for the assignment instead of picking out the article yourself.

Tip originally posted on CS Teaching Tips by Lynne Norris, Owen AstrachanBradley Beth