#CSforSocialJustice - Machine Learning & Bias

This year's CSEdWeek theme of #CSforSocialJustice sparks important discussions around the impacts of computing and facilitating an inclusive computing culture.

One activity that I've found especially effective in facilitating these discussions with students and fellow educators is's AP CSP Machine Learning & Bias Lesson and AI for Oceans activity (see the flow and links below to try it out!). If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it!

I used the following flow to introduce this activity to K12 educators this week:

  1. Show Joy Buolamwini's TED Talk
  2. Share Machine Learning & Bias slides from (here's the link to the original lesson plan and here's an adapted version that I used)
  3. Invite educators to try out AI for Oceans machine learning training activities, lessons 3-8
  4. Invite discussion around ideas that resonated and ways to apply with students of different age ranges


Have you used the AI for Oceans activity or Machine Learning and Bias lesson? Any tips or stories to share? Please feel free to add a comment below!