CS Talking Paper Dolls to Build Character Development and SEL Student Connections

Happy Back To School Teacher Friends!Makey Makey talking doll example

I am so excited to share this CS Instructables Guide called "CS Talking Paper Dolls to Build Character Development and SEL Student Connections" I just created, published and shared this in Instructables. It is the perfect compliment to enhance our ongoing CS for All Teacher back to school computer science and computational thinking discussions, activities, and best yet.... a fun-filled example of how to build a stronger and empathy-filled learning community amongst your students. 

In this guide you will be inspired to design, make and program your own talking paper dolls with maker materials, a Makey Makey kit, Scratch and the record feature built into Scratch. You will have the opportunity to explore how programming works through quick video tutorials, and the record features to save has .WAV audio files, then create and write a creative script, and record your voice storyline, or an interactive dialogue, or a series of interview questions, or dedicated focus on woman STEM influencer through character creation and coding within Scratch! The guide also provides you a step by step guide of to get started to replicate this project with your students and build your own teaching model too :-) And a recommended Elementary and Middle School STEM book list, and supportive learning connection websites to celebrate girls and women as role models  in STEM.

I can not wait to see what you and your students create!!! Please share any images, videos or linked shares in the reflection area below- can't wait :-)

Enjoy and happy making :-) 

Naomi Harm