Chapter 1: Telling a Story - Section 9: Together & In Order

9. Together & in order

[Q1.9.1]: Does it matter where the Do in order tile is dropped when placing it into the Do together tile (that is, before the say tile or after the say tile)? Why?
Does it matter what order we place the two slackerProm move tiles into the Do in order tile? Why?

(a) No. The order of items in a Do together tile doesn't matter - since they're performed together.
(b) Yes! Items in a Do in order, are, yes, done in order - so the ordering is important.

[Q1.9.2]: Are there any other options that would also work to have the guy saying "Aiii!" during both his turn and move backward actions? Describe one in English sentences.

[A1.9.2] Example Answer: I would change the turn and move instructions to take only 0.5 seconds and leave the say instruction to take 1 second.

Instructor Note: There could be many solutions -- anywhere the total duration of the turn and move instructions (they need not be the same duration, necessarily) is equal to the duration of the say instruction.

Links to view English and Spanish versions of a video description for the associated Alice code are available below.