Chapter 1: Telling a Story - Section 8: Do It Together

8. Do it Together

[Q1.8.1]: Do you think this will work as we hope, with the guy spinning around then moving back at the same time as he says "Aiii!"?

[A1.8.1]: No

[Q1.8.2]: Why did the guy not move as we had expected?

[A1.8.2]: There were three actions happening at the same time - spinning, moving backwards, and speaking. Mixing spinning and moving backwards together - performing them at the same time - causes the strange 'dance'.

[Q1.8.3]: Can you see a solution that involves both doing things together and doing things in order?

[A1.8.3]: The spinning should happen before the moving backwards - as it used to do in the earlier example. That implies things are to be done in order. But the speaking should happen alongside the spinning and moving backwards happening in order. So, think of it as two 'actions' - the speaking and the moving - and these should happen together. The moving is in fact the two separate activities of spinning and moving backwards - and these two should happen in order.

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