Chapter 1: Telling a Story - Section 7: Prediction

7. Prediction

[Q1.7.1] What do you THINK would happen?

[A1.7.1]: Example Answer: First he would spin around, then he'd scream/say Aiii, then he'd jump/move backward.

[Q1.7.2]: Do you think that the code we've written to model a surprised person matches what a real life surprised person would do? Explain your answer. Remember - we created code to make him spin around, then say "Aiii!", then move backward.

[A1.7.2]: No. It would be very unusual for a real person to do these things so rigidly, one after the other. Much more likely, he or she would move and speak at the same time.

Links to view English and Spanish versions of a video description for the associated Alice code are available below.