Chapter 1: Telling a Story - Section 10: Reflecting...

10. Reflecting...

[Q1.10.1]: Watch this movie [in class you would be shown an Alice movie clip] and write down the plan that someone might have used to create it.

[A1.10.1]: The plan:
The snowman moves up.
The snowman moves down.
The snowman spins to his left.
The snowman spins to his right.
The snowman says "I'm melting!"

[Q1.10.2]: If I want to make a beetle spin around 2 times, what would the instruction (method tile) look like in Alice?




[Q1.10.3]: True or False: The order in which items in a Do together block are listed is important (assume no Do in orders are nested inside).

[A1.10.3]: False. The order of statements or items in a Do together block does not change the was the code executes.

[Q1.10.4]: If I were to drag the big Do together block from our animation to be the very first thing in that method, describe in English how the animation would change.

[A1.10.4]: slackerProm would turn around, move backwards, and say "Aiii!." Then the beetle would come out. Then ringoBeetle would come out and apologize.