Build a Better Bubble and Bubble Wand Babysitting - How Does This Relate to CS?

Happy January Educator Friends,

You are probably reading this and thinking what in the world does bubble making have to do with computer science? Well a lot actually! You have to checkout these very creative projects where students utilize the design thinking process to collaborate, brainstorm, sketch, prototype, code and test their innovative designs of creating bubble wand making for a purpose to solve a problem. Then the students get to use a variety of differentiated creation and design tools like 3Doodler Start+ Pens and code with TinkerCad to 3D print their final projects. 

Here are the step-by-step resources to dive into this project today!

Build a Better Bubble (Primary)

Build a Better Bubble (Intermediate)

Bubble Wand Baby Sitting (Shared on Twitter through REMC Association)

Instructables Bubble Wand Step-by-Step Guide

Short lighthearted feel good film on Bubbles from The Literacy Shed to set the tone of the activity.

Tinkergarten - For The Little's - to get started with bubble wand making and connecting literacy

THE LEARNING IMPACT - These types of computer science and NGSS projects will have all your students of every ability fully engaged in the fun-filled design thinking and innovative learning process. Give it a try!  I would truly like to see and learn from YOU and YOUR students their design and creative thinking strategies, and see what their final bubble wand builds and creations look like, and if they worked to their liking :-) 

SHARE YOUR LEARNING - Please share your bubble wand creations below to inspire others, so WE all can learn from you :-)    #TogetherWeAreBetter