$2000 Stipends for AP CS A Teachers

UTeach CS is recruiting AP CS A teachers to join a prestigious, one-year research study funded by the US Department of Education.

We are recruiting any U.S. educator who will be teaching AP CS A in 2022-23, both teachers who are new to AP CSA and current AP CSA teachers, so please share this opportunity with your colleagues! 

UTeach CS will provide free training, curriculum, and ongoing support to current or future AP CS A teachers for two years, along with a $2,000 teacher stipend. Our research partner, the American Institutes for Research (AIR), will study the implementation and impact of the curriculum on students and teachers in the first year of the project. The UTeach AP CS A curriculum was developed in 2019 and is officially endorsed by the College Board. 

What does the grant offer?

  • $2,000 teacher stipends for participating in all study activities 
  • Two years of free access to the UTeach AP Computer Science A curriculum and ongoing teacher support ($1,600 value), including comprehensive teacher materials, interactive student textbook, and built-in programming environments on the cloud-based Codio platform
  • Free online professional development ($1,000 value), which is College Board–endorsed (experienced AP CSA teachers may opt out of the full PD and attend a short platform training instead)

Interested in learning more?

  • Complete this form to receive full details about the funding, eligibility, and research activities

Spaces are limited in this research study, so contact us right away! 

$2000 Stipends for UTeach AP CS A