100% Free ScratchJr and Scratch Curriculum

Over the past couple of years I have been developing a 100% free to use curriculum that includes projects and resources designed specifically for elementary coders and educators with little or no c

Magical Coding Recipes

Creative Scratch coding concepts related to real world learning experiences.

Scratch Files(Zip.8 MB) Answered

I am unable to get the Scratch Files. I'm able to download them, but when I attempt to open them, I get a message saying "the file is unsupported or it is damaged." I really need those scratch files. I would appreciate your help.The other files work without a problem.
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A Meditation on Coding by a Juvenile Behind Bars

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We like to keep busy at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) so it should come as no surprise that serving as a member of the Social Learning Team for the CS10K Community website isn't my only job function.

Scratch Squad

LA Makerspace is looking for kids who know Scratch to be part of something called the Scratch Squad.