Help! How do you teach Robotics in a remote environment? Ideas please!

Like most, we find ourselves having to teach remotely. Starting next Monday (3/30) we begin 2 weeks of "Enrichment". Then we need to prepare ourselves for "phase 2" - online learning.

Back in February, our Robotics teacher resigned. We scrambled to get a sub to complete the term. Before we left for break and headed into "Stay at Home" orders, we found a long term sub to finish out the school year.

Now we are in a place where students will be home, no access to any physical materials. They have school issued Chromebooks.

Any ideas? How does the teacher create excited and online activities centered around Robotics? We teach on a 4X4 block schedule, so he has 1 NEW class of Kids (10wk course) and another is continuing.

Thank you in Advance!


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Submitted by Naomi Harm on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 20:24

Hello Dianna - have no fear Naomi is here :-) 

I have lots of ideas that are tech based for Chromebooks and a multitude of unplugged activities as well. These can work for ALL grade levels and students of all abilities. Let me know if you have a grade range you are focusing on - as this will provide me more guidance too.  

1. Ground your instruction in a good story or a fractured fairytale, and design activities around this concept that can last upto 2-3 week's worth of creative coding activities and design challenges at a time.

2. Create a themed-based unit approach with a robotics choice board or tic-tac-toe board of a variety of activities as to not overwhelm yet provide choice to complete 3 activities. 

3. Remember to allow and include unplugged design activities, student design challenges, and let students show what they know and celebrate their learning.  and let student lead or co-teach with you for an online activity.

Here are some supportive resources, templates and links for you to tap into and use.  Please fee free to reach out if you need more assistance and guidance. - A site providing student self-paced activities and plenty of unplugged handson activities

CS First by Google - A complete FREE coding curriculum to support self-paced student learning

8 best online programming games for kids

15 free coding games to level-up your coding skills

20 ways to celebrate the hour of cold all year long

Coding and Literacy Webinar Links - the webinar recording will be added shortly. 

Coding for Kids eBook PDF

Coding Play Is Elementary

Creating Coding Stories and Games

Coding with Elementari - Digital Story Creation 

(Free edu/students accounts - this could take you through all quarter :-)

Coding Clubs: Engaging Secondary Students in CS

Fairy Tale Adventures

Magical Coding Recipes

Printable for parents - coding card design challenges - tech and unplugged activities

STEM Quests

Your Guide To Getting Started with STEM, Coding and Robotics




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Submitted by Linda Sweeting on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 14:31

I receive emails daily from companies offering access to their platforms.  This one recently came in from Amazon and CoderZ- both of whom are very active with making computer science accessible to all. It may be worth looking into and evaluating to see if it is appropriate for your students and school.

"The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us.

Schools are challenged with finding ways to convert their class activity into online lessons and how to train teachers to do so, to ensure the continuation of education.

Recognizing the enormous impact this situation has on a school community, Amazon Future Engineer is offering free online Virtual Robotics and Coding courses for any student or teacher affected by school closures due to COVID-19 in the US.

Students and teachers at primary schools, middle schools and high schools are invited to program their own virtual robots through CoderZ platform.

Amazon Future Engineer will continue to closely monitor the needs of students and teachers going forward.

Amazon Future Engineer increases access to computer science from childhood to career for underrepresented or underserved students.

To learn more about Amazon Future Engineer, click here.
To get access to free courses – click here

May the Code Be with You,
CoderZ Team"