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Hi Teacher Friends,

I am facilitating a Makey Makey and Computer Science PreCon Workshop at the National CUE conference in Palm Springs, CA March 19th.  I  would really like to glean some NEW innovative ideas of how you are using Makey Makey's and Scratch at the grade levels that represent Elementary, Middle School and High School, to get teachers and students really into the investigation state of design thinking, and creative problem solving modalities of invention literacy. 

Please share with me your brilliant ideas of LEARNING and linked EXAMPLES to help me inspire and motivate the 40+ educators I will be working with that are in K12 teaching and learning precon workshop.

I greatly appreciate your help and guidance of creative learning shares of activities and examples and "have you thought of ????" ideas as out of the boxing thinking just beyond the basics to enhance and expand my facilitation knowledge. #TogetherWeAreBetter


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Submitted by Brenda Burmeister on Wed, 02/26/2020 - 17:09

I have not used Makey Makey in the high school level, but these videos on using them to make different musical instruments seems like a good place to start.\


Hope this helps.