Unauthorized user attempting to get access to assessments Answered

I am attempting to access ECS assessments to units 1-4 via the download link.  I receive the pop up from and enter my account information again. I keep getting unauthorized.  I attempted in three different browsers, chrome, IE and MS Edge.


I just created my account so I know my user name and password are correct - assuming it is the same uid and password as required from CS FOr all teachers site.


Please help!


Lisa Shifflett



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Submitted by Ashley Waring on Thu, 10/12/2017 - 14:31

Hey there! Let's see if this information helps. Try visiting this link to the post about ECS assessments being available. Towards the middle of the post, the following is stated about accessing these assessments:

To access the assessments and scoring rubrics, you must be a member of CS for All Teachers and its ECS Open Group. Visit the group by clicking on the hyperlink and then “subscribe” to join. Look for the first resource, entitled “ECS Assessments - Download.” If you do not first join the ECS Open Group, you will receive an “access denied” message.

You will notice on the linked post above that SRI provides access codes. They are different from the CS for All Teachers username/password as it's a separate security measure.