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Hidden Figures

I know I'm a bit behind here, but I've finally read Hidden Figures. How inspiring to learn that about first "computers"--black women in the 1940s! I'm going to watch the movie this weekend.

NCCSE Webinar

The National Center for Computer Science Education (NCCSE) is hosting a webinar with the Constellations Center and the Kapor Center, focused on inclusivity and equity in computer science! It's free and open to the public.

2021 Exam Results!

Whelp... the AP CSP exam results were posted today. (At least, for the first group of testers...). How did your students do? What will you do differently next year as a result? And/or what worked really well for you this year? 

AP CSP Exam Reading Reflection

The AP CSP exam changed this year and as a seasoned reader, I thought it might be helpful to share some reflections from my reading experience.

CS in the News

Discussions about interactions with technology in their daily lives are always a hit with my students.

Native Land Digital for Indigenous Peoples' Day

I recently stumbled across this interesting Native Land Digital interactive map. There's a lot there to explore, and the map interface and API documentation that could be interesting for a CS class.

Facebook’s Failed DNS Update

This week Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram went down… and this provides us with a great real world connection to what they’re learning in AP CSP!   

Starting the Year Burned Out

Confession Time: I'm starting the year burned out. The 2020-2021 was ridiculously hard and I need at least another 4 months of summer to recover. But it's September and my new students need me to be fresh, excited, joyful, relational, and engaged now.