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What's your CS Identity?

According to, a person's "Personal Identity" is "the concept you develop about yourself that evolves over the course of your life.

Evaluating Websites

April Fools Day would be a fun day to teach students how to evaluate websites for credibility.

Pi Day Celebrations?

Did anyone else celebrate Pi Day this year? I usually encourage my students to make parody songs. So this year, I joined in. Here's my parody of 7 Years by Lukas Graham: 7 Lines of Code.

Twosday Binary Fun

This Twosday (2/22/22) could be a fun day to teach students about binary numbers (base 2)! One of my favorite elementary binary activities is binary bracelets from

Teaching Flowcharts?

Does anyone here teach flowcharts to elementary students? I recently had this thought that flowcharts could be a great way to introduce sequencing, selection, and iteration (the building blocks of an algorithm) to elementary students.