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Help us design our Equity and Access Group Image

Click on this link to help us create an image to represent this group. Think about what three words come to mind when you think of Equity and Access in Computer Science? See our LIVE image grow!

WEBINAR: Back to School CS Mixer

Join us for this back-to-school CS mixer, hosted by Community Ambassador Naomi Harm, as you participate in four dynamic CS, AI and STEAM learning experiences!

Scratch AR - Let's Get Moving!

One of my goals as a computer science teacher is to showcase the fun, playful, and creative side of computing.  Another goal is to expose my students to relevant, meaningful applications of computer science as a means for solving real-world problems.  I wanted to share an exam

Learning Spark - I Would Walk Over LEGO's For You!

Many of us have been faced with some very unique and trying situations as we return to k12 school districts, whether it be F2F, a blended hybrid or a 100% virtual to start our 2020-2021 school year. These trying times can really effect our SEL well being as educators. So.....

Version 3.0 Unit 6 Python Files?

Question Description We are utilizing the Version 3.0 Unit 6: Computing Applications as an introduction to Python for students to have a better foundation when using the Python language with the Edison robots.

Why are the assessments posted on line

Question Description Https://  author Jeffery cook has part of the multistep ECS Intro to Computer Applications on line. I thought this information was not accessible to public, unless part of the community.

Exploring Computer Science?

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a great program specifically designed to be an introductory CS course giving students a low barrier entre into developing Computational Thinking skills.

Recruitment Video

Question Description This year after the AP Exam I decided to assign a video project for my students.  The assignment is to create a recruitment video for computer science.  Have any one else done this and do you possibly have a rubric that you used to evaluate the project?

Hello Doc Challenge

What are your go-to first week ice-breakers for online and hybrid classes?  I recently shared this with a CSTA local chapter group and thought CS for All Teachers might be interested....

Webinar Archive

Question Description Is there an archive of past webinars? 

Creating New Routines

I just read this article called "How to Make Teaching Online Feel Less Isolating", and one sentence really stuck out to me, "At minimum, teachers are grieving the loss of familiar routines."

Equity in Computer Science...What Does that Mean to You?

Equity in computer science has been defined in so many different ways. Most of the time the definition connects to personal experiences and a person's current reality. What does equity in computer science mean to you? Describe your current Computer science reality.

CS Equity and Access: Roll Call from Around the World!

Welcome to our Equity and Access in CS Community Group! This CS for All Teacher Community is a newly created interactive group that focuses on Equity and Access in computer science for all. It is meant to be driven by engagement, reflection and action.