Unit 4: Introduction to Programming

Students are introduced to some basic issues associated with program design and development. Students design algorithms and programming solutions to a variety of computational problems, using Scratch. Programming problems should include control structures, functions, parameters, objects and classes, structured programming and event-driven programming techniques. This unit introduces data structures, including arrays, vectors, stacks, and queues, and their associated components, operations, and uses. Benefits and limitations of different data structures are presented. The concept that analysis and understanding of data structures can be used as a fundamental organizing principle in the design of solutions is explored.


Analyze Your Scratch Project with Dr. Scratch

I came across a really cool resource that analyzes your Scratch Projects.  You simply copy the URL of your students project and it gives the project a rating based on 7 criteria: Flow Control, Data

Scratch - Assessment Ideas from CS Teaching Tips

Here is a great resource from CS Teaching Tips.  They give a nice list to help assess students learning while programming.  This is a great resource as your students are working in Scratch.

Scratch Files(Zip.8 MB) Answered

I am unable to get the Scratch Files. I'm able to download them, but when I attempt to open them, I get a message saying "the file is unsupported or it is damaged." I really need those scratch files. I would appreciate your help.The other files work without a problem.

Unauthorized user attempting to get access to assessments Answered

I am attempting to access ECS assessments to units 1-4 via the download link.  I receive the pop up from pact.sri.com and enter my account information again. I keep getting unauthorized.  I attempted in three different browsers, chrome, IE and MS Edge.