Networks and the Internet - Cybersecurity


Curated Resource: Cybersecurity

From password strength and email phishing to firewalls and hacking prevention, every student in middle school and beyond should be aware of how cybersecurity affects their lives in our digitally co

Cyber Security Awareness Month (October!)

It's Cyber Security Awareness Month! Here's a website that has a TON of useful lessons, videos, etc. for students and teachers to explore the topic! 

Be Internet Awesome (Google)

Google's "Be Internet Awesome" looks like a great "Hour of Code" or middle school CS resource: 

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: CS in Movies

With the Oscars happening this month, everyone is abuzz with movie recommendations. I have been doing some research of my own- into computer science in films!  

Teaching Privacy Curriculum

The Teaching Privacy curriculum from the International Computer Science Institute and UC Berkeley has a full set of freely-available, classroom-tested lesson plans for teaching abo