Recognizing and Defining Computational Problems


Scratch AR - Let's Get Moving!

One of my goals as a computer science teacher is to showcase the fun, playful, and creative side of computing.  Another goal is to expose my students to relevant, meaningful applications of compute
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Micro:bits and Engaging in Physical Computing Remotely

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Change, change, change. How do we best engage students in physical computing and coding from a distance? With school systems conducting distance learning, teachers continue to find creative ways to engage students without being in the classroom.

Webinar: Effective Online Learning Practices for Middle and High School Computer Science

The current global pandemic has prompted drastic changes to education. Collectively, we have had to quickly adapt our teaching practices to survive in this new environment. It is important to remember, "we are all in this together." In this webinar, community members and others joined CS for All Teachers to learn about best-practice strategies for online learning.

Webinar: The Building Blocks of Code

Minecraft is a popular video game, but did you know it can also be used to teach coding skills?  From literal building blocks in Minecraft to basic block-based coding, there are numerous options for low-barrier entry to coding.

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