Yes You Can Print Your Own 3D N95 Masks and Be Part of the Healthcare Solution During This Global Pandemic!

Check out this #3Dprinted silicone mask that is P100 model, similar to the greatly needed N95 mask. Yet this P100 mask is much safer and has a high filtration rate, and bonus it can be used for 3 months!!! High School or Middle School students could make these now with a teacher guide and still allow for safe social distancing during their #remotelearning from school. It was ideated, prototyped and tested here in Phoenix, AZ at Barrow Neuro Dept by neurological residents, and has passed all requirements, expectations of approved PPE alternative device, and ready for the mainstream! Our wounded warrior son goes to Barrow for his TBI healthcare and pain management. AZ Barrow Neuro and doctors and staff have been incredible to work with and to help our Jake!

This could be an incredible project for your high school and/or middle school students who have access to 3D printers in your school, and could really make a difference during this remote learning time with the healthcare profession.

Please spread the news and about this 3D printed N95 template that has been created by AZ doctors and tech specialist, so that we educators can inspire our Gen Z students supported with an incredible real world computer science projects to contribute to, and be part of the cure,solution while creating their futures to make a difference in each of their worlds for years to come! #TogetherWeAreBetter

Barro Nuero website of the news article, supportive resources, template and printer files

PDF Template and Instructions