Notes from the Scratch - Computational Thinking Webinar 1/30/18 with Nancy Se & Eric Schilling

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a curriculum and teacher professional development program focused on equity, inquiry, and computer science concepts. Unit 4 of ECS is focused on introducing students to programming using problem decomposition and computational thinking. Students use programming as a tool to create artifacts.

While students are applying the problem solving process and reflecting on their work, it is important to assess what they know along the way.  Some of the big questions that teachers ask are – what do they understand about the program they are creating, what code do they think will help them complete the program, are they using inquiry and collaboration to try out their plan and what kind of reflection are they doing as they work?

These questions are important to address as we are trying to instill computational thinking practices in our students. If you’ve ever wondered how to create an environment where your students are acting as computational thinkers then I’d invite you to join the upcoming webinar to engage in this discussion, learn about amazing resources and expand your professional network.

The webinar was hosted on Tuesday, January 30th from 7:30-8:30PM ET (4:30-5:30PM PT)  by Nicole Reitz-Larsen (AP CS Principles, ECS Teacher and CS for All Teachers Community Ambassador) and featured Nancy Se (PD/PLC Coordinator and former ECS Teacher) and Eric Schilling (Scratch Learning Resources Producer).

Access the recording here.


Resources from the webinar:

Computational Thinking and Scratch

Resources for Computing for Social Good Project

Learning Community Learning Course

Scratch Microworlds -

Make your own!