Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!

Here are some of my CS tie-ins for today (or any day really). 

Star Wars STEM innovations: Some of these are a little young for CSP students, but I think they could be a starting point for computing innovations that use both hardware and software. I especially like the Lightsaber Greetings. I think I might use Adafruit Circuit Playground Express kits from my CS Discoveries class to have students make cards that start to glow and play the Star Wars theme when they are pulled out of an envelope or opened. has a Star Wars coding mini-project too! It's simple turtle programming with JavaScript block or text, but it has the potential to become as complex as students want to make it. I think my CSP students would appreciate the levels of abstraction that allow them to use functions that they don't have to code. This could also be a fun break for those finished with their Create PTs to try while others use class time to work on theirs.

Finally, there's Scratch StarWars coding projects... There are SO MANY that a quick Google search will find... Here's a simple YouTube tutorial for students just getting started in Scratch. For more advanced students who have been using the BJC curriculum all year, maybe consider having them write their own scenes to teach other coding concepts. Perhaps a lesson in data privacy from Leia or a reminder about the potential harmful effects of technology from Anakin/Darth Vader. This can help them to review a bit more for the AP CSP exam and also provide some shareable content to share with other students to potentially recruit next year's class.