Goal Driven & Engaging CS Lesson Planning

If you are anything like me, and still craving sweets after a week of indulging in Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy, I encourage you to try a serving of DOLE WHIP!  Community ambassador Omar Shepherd recently hosted a webinar introducing this goal-driven strategy for CS lesson planning. It is based on the PBL framework inspired by the  PBL Leadership Academy at High Tech High. The acronym stands for:


Wildy Engaging
High Impact 
Instant Feedback 

During this webinar, I was especially appreciative of the discussion on the Universal Design for Learning guidelines (UDL) and suggestions for creating meaningful learning opportunities for ALL students in the CS classroom.  One that I plan on putting into practice more frequently includes breaking up coding activities to allow for reflection via recorded videos or presentations.  

Watch a recording of the webinar here, including a link to the presentation and resources, to learn more about how to employ this lesson planning strategy into your teaching practice!