Exploring Computer Science through Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi!

Exploring Computer Science through Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi

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As the Week of Pi comes to an end, let’s celebrate! From fun Pi jokes to celebratory pie in the classroom, it’s no secret that engaging students in Physical Computing is one approach to address issues of equity  and access for all learners to have purpose driven exposure to CS Education, and the opportunity to make meaningful connections to its applications within College and Career.

Wondering what approach may work best for you and your students to Explore Computer Science through Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi? T

here are loads of options available to you! From choosing one of the many fun projects from the Raspberry Pi foundations website to exploring ways to integrate a physical computing lesson into content you’re already teaching. It’s all about considering your goals for your students, and what resources are available to you to get started!

Here’s a few images from a fun project creating a Wildlife or Porch Pirate Camera, integrating a Raspberry Pi with an IR Sensor, and Camera. Check out a fun video captured:    

           Pi Forest Pic          Pi Forest Capture Pic

Getting started with the Raspberry is as easy as programming your first Blinking Light.. :-) I, Omar Shepherd, one of your CS for All Teachers Ambassadors, and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator is here to help!

Check out the session resources from our webinar, Exploration and Discovery with the Raspberry Pi The Little Computer that Can to get insight into all the steps necessary to get hands on with the Raspberry Pi in your classroom.

Want to learn more?

The Raspberry Pi foundation offers free resources, and professional learning to support you. From free online courses to engaging with the Pi-Community, there’s a wealth of resources available to get your students engaged with Computer Science.