Bloom's Digital Taxonomy for CSP

When you and your students are finished with the Create PT and the AP Exams--how will you fill your class time? I know the digital exams stagger the ending of AP exams into June for some, and some schools in the south are already wrapping up for the year, but some of schools have the in-person AP CSP exam on May 17th, and then another month of class time. What will you teach? What will students do? 

I often ask myself, "What projects can I assign and what will students create?" "Bloom's Digital Taxonomy" could be a helpful  resource for us as we look ahead to the final weeks of school. If you and your students are starting to tire of Breakout Room discussions and Kahoot, then this is for you! I think this taxonomy and related resource website can be good for online, hybrid, and in-person classrooms and most suggestions work with multiple platforms as well!

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy can help us to look for those higher levels of understanding in our students while using computing innovations...  That page from Boston College also links to Kathy Schrock's resource page on digital tools that can help us "support each of the levels of Bloom's revised taxonomy."