Equity and Access in CS

This interactive group focuses on equity and access in computer science for all. It is meant to be driven by engagement, reflection, and action. Our goal is to call out equity at all levels of computer science education, including awareness, access, engagement, achievement, integration, and impact in the world around us.



Vanessa Jones
Andrea Wilson Vazquez

Group Content


NCCSE Webinar

The National Center for Computer Science Education (NCCSE) is hosting a webinar with the Constellations Center and the Kapor Center, focused on inclusivity and equity in computer science! It's free and open to the public.

NCWIT Engagement Practices

Planning for the next school year provides an important time to reflect and revise not only our curriculum, but also our practices, routines and our classroom spaces.

PAIRS: Effective Dialogue Skills

To continue our courageous conversations about equity, access and inclusion in CS and promote effective dialogue skills check out this resource PAIRS: Effective Dialogue Skills