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One of the fun things about Exploring Computer Science are the many ways you get to introduce students to content that in fact affects everything they do each day. From checking email to scrolling the web, or checking that Ring Camera. These things students often take for granted were actually developed by someone that programmed them to work that way. 


For students that enjoy the career aspect of the field, Exploring Computer Science is the first course in the Information and Communications Technology(ICT) Sector Pathways and fits well in the Software and Systems Development  Sector. Did you know there are Model CTE Standards for the Information and Communication Technologies Sector developed by the California Department of Education? Take a look at the embedded link! 


Not familiar with the term, ICT? Information and Communications Technologies, or ICT is an umbrella term used to encompass both those technologies formerly known collectively as Information Technology and more recent technologies, specializations, and concepts such as Cyber Security, the Internet of Things (IoT), Software Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI); Virtual Reality (VR); and Augmented Reality (AR); as well as those technologies not yet named. To read more, please visite: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ct/gi/itsector.asp 




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