Dan Garcia : TED talk on CS education

TEDxBerkeley video

Dan Garcia discusses Computer Science education at TEDxBerkeley.

"We need EVERYBODY fluent in computing and technology, so they're not just passive users of it, but active CREATORS of it." Watch Dan Garcia describe Mr. White, his high school math teacher, in Cooperstown, NY, who changed Dan’s life by teaching him computer science. Dan animates NSF program officer Jan Cuny's quote, "Without the HS piece, anything we do for middle school will be lost, and anything we do at the college level will be insufficient." Dan describes CSP's awesome 7 Big Ideas and 6 Computational Thinking Practices, and how BJC "hangs the meat onto the bones" of the CSP framework - others can do this in their own way. BJC has achieved gender equity - half the BJC students are female - an amazing achievement. And BJC will go online at the end of this summer as a SPOC: a Small Private Online Course (checkout frame 14:14). So you, CSP teachers, will give to ALL the students in the whole country what Mr. White gave to Dan: a CS course that's Engaging - Accessible - Inspiring - and - Rigorous. Pretty exciting! Tell us about your experiences this summer as you prepare for this great adventure.