CS in the News

Discussions about interactions with technology in their daily lives are always a hit with my students. They love to share their experiences, and whether it's a conversation on how a parent's account had been hacked, or the ethical considerations behind robots, students often have lots of thoughts to contribute.  Bringing in this real-world content is so vital in kids understanding why the study of computer science is relevant and important.  Beyond the sharing of personal experiences, I would love to learn what sources you use to help spark these types of discussions. Do you have any favorite current event or news sources that you like to use in your classes? 



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Submitted by Richard Hudnut on Thu, 05/13/2021 - 9:45 am EDT

Hybrid learning kind of killed it this year (cameras not working/lag in voice, etc.) , but I normally do a current event in tech for each month.  I normally use CNET and Uncommongoods.com (then they do some research)

CES is a big hit when it comes around and students can see what is new or changing in tech.  I showed my students the foldable screen a couple of years ago and now that samsung has one out they are amazed.

Just getting them talking about tech and how it works in a general sense is a great conversation starter and a good way to get to know your students.  

I plan to pick up the practice again next year.  


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Submitted by Kiki Carozza on Fri, 05/14/2021 - 9:08 am EDT

Thanks for sharing, Richard.  CES is a great idea, as the innovations showcased are often pretty awe-inspiring and can spark lots of interesting discussions. It's fun to have students thinking about how these technologies work, and helping them come to the realization that it's not magic, but the power of computer science!