AP CSP Exam 2021 Resource Sharing Discussion!

What resources do you have for the NEW AP CSP 2021 EXAM?! I have folders and folders of OLD material and I could use help compiling some NEW FREE resources for this updated 2021 exam... Especially FUN materials to assign for individual use (games are always a hit!).

Here's what I have so far:

College Board's MyAP portal --I haven't used this much... the daily videos look good, but I'm honestly overwhelmed sifting through them to find "test" prep specific ones beyond normal instructional content. I like their sample test questions, but don't always want to send my students to a "secure" environment with another log-in for multiple choice questions.

Code.org's Create PT Survival Guide for 2020-2021. Amazing. In the past, even teachers that used other curricula used the Code.org Survival Guide for the performance tasks. I bet that'll be true this year too.

Books for students:

5 Steps to a 5: AP Computer Science Principles --the only 2021 updated book in print so far that I've found... Seems decent for multiple choice question practice. I don't think the Create PT section is very helpful compared to Code.org's Survival Guide

Barron's AP Computer Science Principles --I've preordered... It should come out Feb 2nd... I have high hopes for this one!

Crash Course Computer Science Principles--I've preordered... It should come out March 15th... (Their last edition had great outlines for the PTs. I wasn't as fond of their practice test format.

Freemium websites:

Deltamath.com--Excellent FREE CSP drill questions for skills like MOD calculations, pseudocode, etc. Not necessarily aligned to CSP, so have to choose question topics on your own. (I haven't found upgrading to be necessary...)

Albert.io --Has some great free sample questions. (EXPENSIVE to upgrade for individuals... unless at the district level).


Free Websites, Resources, Games:

Binary Numbers Game!

Code.org Master Vocabulary List