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NSF releases new CSforAll solicitation! NEW DEADLINE!

On January 15, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released a new solicitation for the Computer Science for All (CSforAll: Research and RPPs) program, including a new strand for proposals that focus on research in computer science teaching and learning.

To view the solicitation, visit the NSF website.


Update from Jeff Forbes on Friday, March 20: 

Dear CSforAll Community,

The CSforAll: Research and RPPs deadline has been pushed back two weeks to April 27.  We know that many potential CSforAll PIs are navigating the complexities of universities going virtual, school and district offices closing, sponsored research offices working remotely, and general concerns about health and wellness.  NSF is trying to offer extensions where feasible, while remaining mindful of our own internal timelines for conducting a full merit review process and spending this fiscal year’s funds.

Even with two extra weeks, we recognize that PIs may still have challenges forming partnerships or be unable to obtain letters of collaboration from school districts at this time.  PIs should contact us with any questions or concerns. 

The uncertain and trying circumstances we are all experiencing have challenged us. I wish you and your families good health.

Thanks, Jeff