CS for All Teachers offers virtual group space for NSF Funded CS10K Projects as well as other interest-based discussion groups committed to ongoing engagement around computer science-related topics. If you don’t find a group that matches your interests, contact us at about potentially starting your own.

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The BASICS study examines how Exploring Computer Science (ECS), is implemented in schools with a focus on identifying the key supports for and barriers to that implementation and endurance.

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Last update: 7/12/2022

AP CS: Principles is a new Advanced Placement course in preparation by the College Board, for introduction in 2015. It is meant to align with college “CS 0” courses for non-CS majors.

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Last update: 6/4/2018

This project aims to permanently increase the capacity of the state of Maine to offer high quality computer science instruction.

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Last update: 3/22/2022

Teach AP CSP with Mobile CSP!

Mobile CSP offers a College Board endorsed curriculum and professional development for teachers. 

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Last update: 6/26/2018

The focus of this CS10K project is to broaden the computer science curriculum available in Montana's public high schools so that more students are exposed to opportunities within CS.

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Building on a prior partnership, this STEM-C Partnership's Computer Science Education Expansion project will permanently increase and enhance computer science learning opportunities for high school students in the Black Hills and across South Dako

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Last update: 9/7/2021

The Utah Exploring Computer Science Initiative will implement a new one-semester computer science course in high schools throughout the state of Utah. The curriculum will be modeled on the LAUSD Exploring Computer Science curriculum.