TALECS 2018-19

Welcome to the space for TALECS PD with your hosts: Ken, Nicole, and Jennifer.

This PD is all online:  

  • We kick off with a live online meeting and then follow up with several ongoing discussions for you to join each week.
  • You will find all discussions and resources here (see below under Group Content).

There will be three month-long bursts of activity in October, January, and March. Participants will learn new ways to find out what their students understand—formative assessment. You''ll learn about

  • Tracking what students are learning in your own teacher journal
  • Creating your own assessment items like the PACT assessments--and rubrics to go with them
  • Planning for student portfolios---what they should contain and what it all means

We'll be in touch soon about the schedule. Contact us at TALECS@sri.com


A multitude of people collaborate to bring you this PD: 

  • PD hosts: Ken Rafanan, Nicole Reitz-Larsen, and Jennifer Knudsen
  • Assessment lead: Daisy Rutstein
  • Research lead: Nonye Alozie
  • Project logistics: Bowyee Gong
  • Project PIs:  Jennifer Knudsen, Ken Rafanan, Daisy Rutstein, and Melissa Rasberry
  • Technical issues: Maria Payri
  • Support staff: Deirdre Magnan

Jennifer Knudsen, Ken Rafanan

Group Content