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The focus of this CS10K project is to broaden the computer science curriculum available in Montana's public high schools so that more students are exposed to opportunities within CS. Educators from the University of Montana, Montana Tech, Montana State University and Salish Kootenai College have formed a statewide collaboration to increase the number of teachers qualified to teach computer science in the state, and to engage more high school students in various topics and activities within CS. To achieve these goals we are:

  • Preparing high-school teachers for fluency in CS topics by offering professional development opportunities in the Joy and Beauty of Computing (JBC) and Mobile CSP curriculums.
  • Providing hands-on and online resources for on-going professional development.
  • Establishing a community of CS K12 teachers around the state .
  • Focusing on engaging underrepresented groups, women and Native Americans in particular. Using an educational research foundation to build, assess, and inform our on-going activities.

Project Website:

Principal Investigator: Yolanda Reimer, University of Montana

Co-PIs: Jeffrey Braun (Montana Technological University), Tim Olson (Salish Kootenai College), Lisa Blank (University of Montana), Hunter Lloyd (Montana State University)


Yolanda Reimer, University of Montana

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